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Late in festivities last night, a disturbance broke out which required the aid of noble hearted citizens. Shouts of “Tueor Pectoris” rang out among the guests as a few individuals ran into the fray to aid the guards. The captain of the guard refused comment, but was later heard in animated conversation with his guards discussing beverage consumption during fesitvals. Lord and Lady Blackbourne expressed gratitude to the individuals for their aid in removing the unwanted guests. Among the honored were Hagan Grimmbrow, the much respected Raven Queen Cleric of Stony Cross, Gilwen the Wanderer, a local ranger known by some on the outskirts of town, the jeweler artisan Illyana Zo’Arden, whose work graced the neck of none other than Lady Blackbourne during the festival, Bos Sauveli, whose strength and determination are paralled only by his skill in glass works, and Krifo, of which this author knows very little. The heroes were seen receiving rewards for their heroism from Lord Blackbourne himself.

Early this morning as the sun was rising on Stony Cross, witnesses saw a bloodied blue dragon fleeing the castle, scales missing and rips in his wings. He was seen flying North along the coast.

The festival of the Gods was a success for local residents and travelers alike. The same aforementioned heroes took home prizes for competitions in ranged weaponry, the hammer throw, the deadly gauntlet, and some ventured into the hall of mirrors constructed by the Library of Ioun.

It is rumored that vessels of unknown origin were seen south along the coast arriving during the night, according to sources from Wyreth.

John the Hammer is back in town and open for business. Visit his Smithy for great deals on weapons, armor, and wrought iron craftworks.

Shops open for business in Stony Cross:

  • Smithy
    • Proprietor: John the Hammer
    • Sells: Weapons, Armor, forges particular items by commission.
  • Magical Emporium
    • Proprietor: Hazeem
    • Selling: Spell components, spellbooks, rituals, and some rare magical items.
  • Ye Olde Bookshoppe
    • Proprietor: Azbot
    • Selling and Buying books, manuals, tomes, and artifacts of historical significance.
  • Walkabout
    • Proprietor: Walker
    • Selling maps and information about Abyssinian regions.
  • Hot Buns
    • Proprietor:
    • Sells: Baked goods, travel food supplies made for the road.
  • Duncans Goods
    • Proprietor: Ilsadore Duncan
    • Sells: reputable store selling traveling supplies for traders and seaport merchants.

Also if you like you can look at the journal of Bos Sauveli

Tueor Pectoris

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