Tueor Pectoris


Bos Sauveli opens the door to The Drake waves to the bartender Regas bows and blows a kiss to the waitress Lilly and sits down in one of the comfy chairs near the blazing fireplace content for the moment to wait for his friends to arrive.

The relative quiet of the moment is shattered a short time later as the door is flung wide open, crashing into the wall with a dull thud. Most looking throught the doorway would miss the cause of the tumult, as a short kobold stands there with arms flung wide open!

“I have returned! Miss me?”, shouts Krifo.

Krifo!” The room shouts in reply, not as a warm welcome, but more as if a warning. The room then rustles uncomfortably as most of the regular patrons go into what seems to be an almost forgotten routine. They move their coin purses away from their belts up to higher ground, around their necks or inside their shirts.

Krifo hops up onto an empty stool next to Darren Halford, the town drunk, who is sleeping peacefully upon the bar. With a flick of his wrist, Krifo pockets 5 gp sitting in front of the man’s half finished ale. The kobold then call out to Lilly:

“Good evening, Lilly, a bit of ale, and perhaps some of The Drake’s world famous spiced potatoes for a hungry dragon?”

“Kobold, you’re no more a dragon than I am, Krifo, and don’t you forget it. And I’ll need coin now, no credit for the likes of you.”

“You wound me dearessst Lilly, but for you, anything.” With that, Krifo grandiously pulls 5 gp from his pouch and lays it into Lilly’s outstretched hand. “Buy the rest of my friends coming in a round on me, then keep the change!”

Lilly nods warmly, then says, “Of course. Bos Sauveli’s already here, though.”, pointing in the direction of the fireplace.

“You’re the bessssst, Lilly” Then, with a wink and a smile, the diminutive lizard hops off the stool, mug in hand, and approaches the minotaur from behind. Lilly is fond of the the little guy, reminding her of a stuffed animal she had when she was small. Kobold toys were used to teach racial harmony to the children of the area, and are still in use to this day.

Quietly placing his drink on a nearby table, Krifo leaps onto another stool and goes flying through the air, finally landing around Bos Sauveli ’s neck in either a hug or a headlock, one cannot be sure which. Pulling away in a start, the minotaur easily shrugs Krifo off, who goes flying upside down into the chair opposite the table. Realization sets in, and Krifo and Bos Sauveli share a hearty laugh together.

“Krifo you little briccone` sit sit tell me how you’ve been”

They while away the time recounting stories of their time away from Stony Cross, and place a small wager on which of their friends would be next through The Drake’s doors.
“Bye kitties, be good. Fluffy, no eating anyone please!”

With her usual farewell to her cats, Illyana Zo’Arden locked up her little apartment above Hot Buns bakery and headed out to meet up with her friends at The Drake. It had been a long, eventful year for them all and she couldn’t wait to see them again. She walked down the familiar streets of Stony Cross greeting those she knew as she traveled. It was good to be home, back where people looked past the fact that she was Drow and instead judged her on her heart. Her time at the Library was enlightening in more ways than one; it was a cold reminder that too many people out there still despised the Drow, no matter what their intentions.

She heard the familiar sounds of laughter and tankards clattering as she entered The Drake. Though she had hoped to sneak up on her friends Bos Sauveli and Krifonews spread fast that she was here. Lilly smiled and waved as she went by, passing Illyana Zo’Arden her usual ale. She had just enough time to put it down before Bos Sauveli swept her into a huge minotaur hug as Krifo bounced around.

“Illyana my little amica we were just talking of you.”

As she settled in to a chair, with a sigh she thought how good it was to be home.



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