Tueor Pectoris


The travellers see a flight of red dragons pass overhead as they enter the city of Deurroguard. They meet with Hagan’s old Cleric teacher and are sent on an underground voyage through the mountain pass. They successfully clear out the trouble on the way in. The dwarves had been extending the tunnels and transporting emeralds form the mines without giving dues to the Duerroguard on the surface. The travellers were paid by what they could carry out, which was considerable. They were also given instructions to delve deeper into the caverns and found the large underground city housing the miners and dwarven fighters. Through skill, fortitude, and genius, the travellers connived their way in, camouflaged into the workers, then found the plans of the miners hidden in the main office. Their Duerroguard friends were thankful for the plans which showed how their enemies were getting supplies in and out of the underground city. The travellers followed the plans through the mountain range and came out on the other side in a large cavern city on the water.



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