Tueor Pectoris

Fealty and Pork Roast

Off they go.

The friends met with the Blackbournes. Each had the chance to pledge fealty to the Blackbournes and give them their assistance. None of the heroes decided to stay with the Blackbournes and prepare for the invading Volturi. Some did, however, give the Blackbournes their assurance that they would fight any signs of the invading forces when they came across it on their travels. Each person who promised to aid the Blackbournes was given 2000gp for “greasing palms” and “opening doors”. They were also each given a special magical item to help them on their path. Wraith stayed out of sight. Gilwen spoke with the Blackbournes at length.

Each had their own questions they needed answering. They had been gone for three years and had lost contact with friends and homelands.

Hagan recommitted to hunting down the undead and fighting back the traces of Volturi influence in Abyssinia.

Gilwen was determined to find answers and her place in the great goings on.

Illyana had lost contact with Zocart and hoped to find clues to what his strange message meant. Was he with the Volturi? Where was he? Why was he asking for forgiveness?

Sauveli was on a mission to find his friend Old Gammick and his family sword. He had an idea that Gammick had gone to Kina Peak in the Onen Kingdom, and was in pursuit.

Wraith feared for his anonymity and was determined to make sure no one knew who he was or what he was. No one.

Krifo was in it for adventure. Where would the path lead him? What treasures would he find? He had some big claws to fit into, and he needed to work on his dragon abilities. He still wasn’t sure how to get his breath weapon working properly. So far he had only experienced a slight acid.

The heroes left the direction of their travels to chance. Rolling an ancient tool of travelers, a compass d8, they discovered their true path lay to the NorthWest.

Through Stony Cross they traveled for three days. Just as they were crossing the border of Stony Cross into Butte close to the wild woods of Suffolk, they ran across a troupe of wild boars.

(Suffolk is known for its pig farms where they breed pigs with wild board to create the best natural tasting gamey pork. Zarathustra had also been ordering pigs blood from Suffolk to feed the vampires in the castle dungeons. Although Suffolk lost their business with Zarathustra last week, they are confident that their pigs blood will come in hand someday and so are keeping casks of it in storage.)

The heroes fought the wild boar, and fed well while camping for the night. They set guards and had a good night sleep. The smell of campfire smoke and roast pork woke the deep sleepers as the last guard prepared breakfast. The sun shone through the trees and the dew on the leaves splashed their faces as birds and squirrels jumped from branch to branch. An idyllic morning on the road.



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