Tueor Pectoris

Sauveli 2

The hunt for Gammick

After making his way back to Hot Buns and eating a quick lunch Sauveli Grabs his things makes a journal entry and heads towards Bratherford Crystalware.

The shop is on the other side of town so he has to pass by Hazeem’s to get there. Thinking it can’t hurt to try he heads in and almost topples Hazeem on the way through the door. Hazeem launches into one of his usual monologues.

“Ohh very sorry Sauveli very sorry, I hope your quite alright? Are you buying something or did you just want to talk I’m famished I haven’t eaten a thing since breakfast and you know a growing boy like myself needs to keep his strength up, He, he, he, oh thats a good one, You get it? I called myself a growing boy Someone my age still growing up, Growing out is more like it but anyway I’m heading to lunch if you want to join me I’d love the company, That is unless your going to buy something??”

It takes Sauveli a few seconds to realize Hazeem has finished and blurts out an answer to fill the silence.

“No,Yes, um… I mean No I am not planning to buy anything right now but I do have a question. Would you like me to accompany you to lunch?”

“Great I’m heading down to The Seal, I hear he has a shipment of pickled Tanzo Root and I would love to try some, Did you know Tanzo…”

As much as Sauveli did not want to spend any time in that particular part of town you could not sway Hazeem from one of his “adventures in cuisine ” as he called them. Hazeem kept up the steady flow of talking all the way to the dockside tavern.

”... and that’s why you should pay anything for a chance to be with an Onen, what do they call them again? Oh right, Geisha, So what was your question?

This time Sauveli was ready for it and smoothly asked his question while they took a seat at the bar.

“Actualy it has to do with the Onen Empire, specificaly the green glass from Kina Peak. A few weeks back, did Old Gammick do any research into an orb made of the stuff. One with something suspended in its center?”

Hazeem’s eyebrows shot up.

“Yes, he did borrow a book on the Onen Kingdom from me. I know he and Solomon were working together on something. They were collecting maps from Walker and supplies a few months back. Yes, Solomon came to get the book for Gammick. So unfortunate. So unfortunate.”

“What is so unfortunate Hazeem?”

Sauveli looks worriedly at Hazeem who seems to be staring down at his pickeled Tanzo root, poking it around the trencher, deep in thought.


“Oh, yes, so unfortunate. Solomon’s death. Gammick left town a few months back, and I suppose he couldn’t wait for Solomon who was finishing up some business here in town. They were to meet. But two weeks ago, Solomon was found dead in his home. People thought maybe it wasn’t a completely natural death, either. Solomon was such a gentle man. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt him.”

Hazeem takes a bite of the pickled Tanzo root anf perks up immediately.

“His house has been locked and is waiting for his nearest relatives to come claim his belongings. I really need that book back, and, well, you seem to be interested in it as much as he was. Would you mind sotpping by and grabbing that book before his family comes and clears it all out? It was such a valuable book in my collection of esoteric history. Azbot has been jealous since I found it in on a trip to Hadleigh. He thinks he has the sole right to any worthwhile books. Well, he can stick to his languages and history, the old coot. I’ll keep my arcane knowledge and my enchantments any day.”

Hazeem finishes the last bit of the Tanzo root.

“Uh, what were we discussing?”

“I believe you were asking me to retrieve your book on the Onen Empire before it is taken by Solomon’s family?”

“Yes, yes, that would be wonderful, thank you so much for offerring. I really didn’t know who else to ask, such a delicate matter, you understand.”

Hazeem insisted he did not need an escort back to his place so Sauveli left the dockside district and headed to uptown to gather his friends. He decided to try to contact that Truffatore`. What did he call himself … Wraith.

Upon arriving home form his adventure with his friends, Sauveli took a look at the book on the Onen Kingdom and took notes.

In the book, Sauveli found a map, descriptions of the region, the traditions, the people and culture, and some rough sketches of strange creatures from the island kingdom. The Onen Empire is obviously steeped in a rich culture and prides itself on its heritage. Of most significance was a single page torn out from the book in the chapter on Kina Peak, the great volcano of the island.



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