Zocart Dra'lirden

Drow Warlock


Fellow student at the Ganslow Libraries in Ansalon with Illyana Zo’Arden and fellow Drow. Despite a near-deadly introduction the two became close friends and hope to meet again someday. In the Hall of Mirrors, Andariel received this letter from Zocart as her reward.


Please forgive me. I know not where you are, or where you will be, so I write this message in my heart and pray that my thoughts will find you. I have betrayed your trust. I am still not sure how it happened, but I ask for your forgiveness. When we meet again, it will be under very different circumstances, and I hope you will remember our close friendship, as it was in Ganslow. I always believed there was something more than friendship, perhaps, but it may be too late now.

Please forgive me.

Zocart Dra’lirden

Zocart Dra'lirden

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