Lotho Grubb

Assistant to Hagan Grimmbrow


More of a rat than a Halfling, Lotho is obedient, if a bit unpleasant. Most importantly, he has an affinity for digging.


Lotho grew up in Story Cross while his family was docked there. Labeling themselves as “merchants of questionable character” rather than outright pirates, the Halfling clan sailed the eastern seaboard of Abyssinia looking for opportunities to expand their trade, the eventually settled in Stony Cross and many of his family members still live on their ship at the docks. Lotho, however, wanted more of his life than wandering the ocean. He met Hagan after his family buried their Matriarch in The Raven Queen’s Cemetery. Lotho asked Hagan if his boss was seeking more employees, and Hagan spoke with the owner; to no avail. Later, upon attaining ownership of the business for himself, he contacted Lotho and offered him the job that he holds to this day.

Lotho Grubb

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