Anselm of York

Paladin of Bahamut


Occupation- Marauding bandit AKA Paladin of Bahamut

Background-Anselm means god’s helmet. Anselm hails from York.

Physical Description- Plate armour, blue shield with Bahamut, sword.

Attributes and skills- Religion, Endurance

Values and Motivations- He believes it is hs true calling to rid the world of the undead, especially vampires that feed on unsuspecting humans. He despises their treachary befriending you one moment, drinking you the next.

Behavior- Rash and quick to judge. Fueled by hatred. Tough to change his first impressions of a person or situation.

Useful Knowledge- Vampires “infest” the area, they are hunting down the vampires in the area. Then they plan to move on to the next “infestation”.

Mannerism- Squints at you. Rather blustery.


Anselm of York

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