Artorius of Warwick

Human Paladin of Pelor


Currently sporting a black eye thanks to Hagan Grimbrow who took offense to his ‘tone of conversation’.

Occupation- Marauding bandit AKA Paladin of Pelor

Background-Artorius hails from Warwick. Physical Description- Plate armour, white shield with Pelor symbol, sword.

Attributes and skills- Religion, Diplomacy

Values and Motivations- Has been defending the weak and fighting evil since his parents were killed by vampires when he was 10. Dreams of a day when Abyssinia will be rid of the vampire infestation.

Behavior- Strangely calm in the face of battle. Fueled by hatred. Diplomatic, prefers to use sneaky tactics and find vampires through cunning and trickery.

Useful Knowledge- Vampires “infest” the area, they are hunting down the vampires in the area. Then they plan to move on to the next “infestation”.

Mannerism- Humms quietly while preparing for or going into battle.

Artorius of Warwick

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