Bofar Gimhig

Teacher of Dwarven fighting tactics


A Dwarf who looks like he was hewn from rock. He was trained in Kravkke and sent to defend Duerogaurd and train the militia.


Bofar was the Militia Commander of the outpost at Duerogaurd. After a skirmish with several goblins in which Hagan was involved, Bofar recognized his inate fighting skill and elected to train him in Dwarven fighting styles and tactics. Due to racial prejudice, Hagan was never trained in fighting with a Dwarven axe, so he learned martial skills instead and was trained in skills that were applicable to both the quarterstaff and his spear. After several months of training, he was made an honorary member of the Duerogaurd militia.

Bofar Gimhig

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