Kay of York

Female Paladin of Ioun


Occupation- Marauding bandit AKA Paladin of Ioun

Background- Kay hails from York. she is cousin to Anselm and was convinced to join the group by her cousin. Physical Description- Plate armour, shield with symbol of Ioun, sword.

Attributes and skills- Religion, History

Values and Motivations- Convinced to join group of Paladin’s by cousin Anselm. He convinced her by telling her that the great libraries of the world would be taken apart once the vampires had complete power so that none would know how to fight them. All knowledge would be lost and we would enter a dark age. She believes in training hard for your skill, and admires excellent specimens of fighting classes.

Behavior- Kay has the most perspective in the group since she is not as passionate about the vampire hunt as the rest. She is the party member always asking them to think carefully and father evidence before making judgment. She has prevented two murders when the group was sure the evil doers were vampires.

Useful Knowledge- Vampires “infest” the area, they are hunting down the vampires in the area. Then they plan to move on to the next “infestation”.

Mannerism- Asks too many questions.

Kay of York

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