Jittery, shifty, and a young soul.


Krifo’s adventuring career almost came to a halt as soon as it had begun. On the day of his right of passage ceremony, he left his family’s cave on the outskirts of Fakenham Magna and explored a nearby campsite. The site was well hidden from civilization, but Krifo’s nose could smell the stench of the humans from some distance away. The camp was a safe haven that belonged to the Shadow Cant, the cities’ main Thieve’s Guild. Stumbling blindly into the camp, Krifo’s eyes nearly fell out at the sight of all the treasure! So great was Krifo’s awe that he only narrowly manged to hide in a nearby empty chest as the leader of the guild, a shadowy elf named Halifax Duskfeather ran through the camp. Hot on his heels were the Avenging Seven, an Adventuring Company of some small fame in the area.

The chase was abandoned when the Seven realized what they were standing in the middle of. A fierce argument broke out as to what should be done with the bounty they had found. Some were tired of fighting, and wished to retire in luxury, using the stolen goods to fund their retirement. The more noble-hearted of the Seven, argued that the goods should be returned to their rightful owners. Words became more, and when the dust settled, only 2 of the 7 remained, and they started loading the goods in preparation for their flight from town.

The 2 now former members of the Avenging Seven fled all the way to Stony Cross before they dared inspect their cargo, fearing reprisals from the Shadow Cant or other bands of brigands roaming the countryside. Imagine their surprise to find a kobold inhabiting a particularly stubborn to open chest! With a bound, Krifo was free, and he narrowly averted death utilizing his quickness. He grabbed a fistful of “baubles” as he escaped the room at the Inn that the two had secured.

Krifo survived by selling the baubles and taking on odd jobs around town. This story takes place 5 years ago.


Tueor Pectoris Krifo