Mace of Cygnus

Human Paladin of Erathis


Occupation- Marauding bandit AKA Paladin of Erathis

Background-Artorius hails from Cygnus. Physical Description- Black male in 20s, Plate armour, bronze shield with Erathis symbol, sword.

Attributes and skills- Religion, Insight

Values and Motivations- Vampires decimated the ships of refugees coming from Eli Lira Ela. They attacked helpless people trapped on the ships crossing the ocean. His sister was on one of those ships and he never saw her again.

Behavior- Watches everything carefuly. Prefers to think things through rather than jumping in.

Useful Knowledge- Vampires “infest” the area, they are hunting down the vampires in the area. Then they plan to move on to the next “infestation”.

Mannerism- Stares into the distance while thinking. Does that to clear his head of immediate interrupts and focus.

Mace of Cygnus

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