Bos Sauveli

Please my friends Bos is a clan name you may call me Sauveli


Bos Sauveli A young Minotaur of 25 has trained as a fighter. He considers himself to be goodhearted and a devout follower of Morradin.

Sauveli(Bos is his surname)apprenticed with Herman Bratherford, an elderly human glassblower, for many years and even developed some skill and a reputation in that community for “them big lungs”.

Sauveli has (as all the Bos clan does) short grey fur covering most of his body, his arms below the elbow and his legs below the knee are a creamy white color. His horns curve forward more than most minatour and have a characteristic “sheath” that looks like it is “peeling away” from the tips. He is not a perfectionist but does have a strong opinion that “if you’re gonna learn you should learn from the best”, a mannerism he most likely picked up from Herman Bratherford who would send him off to various other shops in the city to learn different techniques. Pride and stubborness have gotten him in trouble before but he feels they are strengths.

Sauveli is the only Bos that he knows of becaus his Clan was killed when a group of Clan Syncerus Minatours sieged his father’s keep. He was only a calf at the time and watched as his father, Javanicus, fought off the attackers. When the battle was overwhelming them they made their way to a secret passage that led to an escape route. They were almost clear when they were set apon again by the attackers. His father, weilding the mighty Primigenus, a large farslayer basterd sword, killed all of those that threatened his family but not without suffering a mortal blow. When the battle ended Javanicus fell to his knees in front of his son, took off his ring and handed it and the hilt of his sword to Sauveli. With his last breath he said “You are the head of clan Bos now son. I love you both.”

His mother took Sauveli to the city of Stony Cross and cared as well for him as a single mother could. It seemed to her that keeping Sauveli safe was only possible by joining a monastary devoted to Moradin. Inside the cloistered walls Sauveli grew into a young man. Two years ago his mother died of a sickness that spread through the city.

Sauveli decided after his mother’s death that the Bos clan will not die with him so he started to make inquests about places to learn how to use his father’s sword. He decided that the Goranashk military acadamy was the best of the best but he was only able to afford the travel and tuition costs if he pawned Primigenus. Knowing that the interest will be high he plans on adventuring to gain experience and make enough money to buy back the sword. Come the day, with Primegenus in hand he will take back his father’s keep and restore Clan Bos to its former glory.

Sauveli wields a Goranashk Army issue bugbear longsword.

Sauveli traveled to the city of Byrnest in the country of Boswell to study at the Goranashk military academy. He stayed in the dormitory and tried to avoid the other cadets, often because they would taunt him for his “strangeness” but more because his moral compass pointed away from theirs.

Comander Vasnorgamf a bugbear war veteran is the first instructor to to have noticed Cadet Sauveli’s “natural” talent with the sword. After only a few private lessons the two developed a deal of respect for each other. “V” propelled Sauveli through the standard training and gave him the knowledge to train himself, a skill that Sauveli knows he is indebted to V for.

Coracha Morst (a hobgoblin) was a student at the academy and two years Sauveli’s senior. She therefore felt that she should punish “Bossy” for the special attention he was receiving. For his part Sauveli took Coracha’s ministrations without complaint. Fear that such treatment was normal hazing and tattling would only lead to more ostracism kept his mouth shut. The punishment only ended when Sauveli almost died after being forced to stand in a raging river with a small boulder held over his head.

Linora Frantesh saved Sauveli from that ordeal by bringing it to the attention of her adopted father High Commander Gharack Frantesh. Being a lone female Tiefling at a goblinoid military school left her with more time on her hands than she knew what to do with. While on a walk through the neighboring forest she saw Coracha and her gang pelting Sauveli with small stones as he struggled to keep his footing in the shoulder deep churning waters of the swollen river. Linora quickly ran to get her father and Commander Vasnorgamf. They all returned to witness Coracha’s rock strike Sauveli in the back of the head an knock him unconscious. What was worse was when he fell, the boulder pinned him to the bottom beneath the muddy torrent. Coracha and her gang were expelled after that incedent. During his recovery Sauveli and Linora developed a romantic relationship that lasted until Sauveli left for Stony Cross and his father’s sword.

Bos Sauveli

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