halfling trying to get Krifo to come over to the dark side. Similar to the thieve’s guild in Oblivion. Each quest is sublte but doesn’t actually hurt anyone. Steal this for this person, get this back from this other person, free this prisoner form unlawful imprisonment etc.

Krifo earns his right into the Thieve’s Guild. With that comes connections in each town. He needs 4 missions to be allowed in.

Thieve’s Guild is located underground (of course) right in the center of town under the temple of Corellon. Firmly planted underneath, the thieves see it as poetic since they uphold one of the three tenents of Corellon belief: “Seek out lost magic items, forgotten rituals, and ancient works of art.” p21 PHB.

So many magic items and works of art are just wasted ‘lost’ in people’s drawers and cupboards and shelves and pockets when they could be out for the world to appreciate in circulation. We seek the lost wonders of the world that others have forgotten. There is beauty in finding lost object d’arts. (go ahead, argue that that soooo isn’t the point of Corellon beliefs. I dare you. they have daggers.)


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