Tueor Pectoris


In preparation for the journey to Kina Peak, the group is contact with some friends. Illyana corresponds with her teacher from the Libraries of Ansalon who contacts a guide that will help them in Skull City. Sauveli arrives in Skull City to find a letter from Old Gammick who has died in the entrance to an ancient tomb guarded by Skull City inhabitants.

Acererak's Tomb of Horrors

The group decides that Sauveli’s cousin has brought the sword into the Tomb of Horrors. They enter following in the cousin’s footsteps, armed with their wits and a bag of chickens. They fight, they fall, they escape, they crawl they brawl and they almost die, but they survive. Acererak remains undefeated, but Sauvelli retrieves his sword, and much treasure is found in the great tomb halls. This journey through the tomb has forged their friendship stronger and deepend the bonds of trust between the party members. However, everyone leaves the tomb different then the way they arrived. Illyana is more assured of her powers, and believes in trusting her instincts and her friends. Gilwen discovered fortitude and focus can overcome even her worst fears. Wraith has discovered he can tap into good luck when he needs to. Hagan’s hatred for the undead has only strengthed his committment to fighting back the hordes of zombies and vampires with his new Radiant Mace. Krifo found that while he is small, he is not ot be overlooked, his skills that have brought him into many tricky situations turned out to be the thing that saved them over and over again. Due to an unfortuante run-in with a portal, Krifo is now Krifella until he/she decides otherwise. Perhaps the man looking for him and his newly acquired luck stone set will not recognize him now that he has…. a skirt. And the minotaur Sauveli who thought he was alone in the world discovered two things. First, he is not alone because he has the best friends in the world, and second he has a cousin or at least someone claiming to be his cousin. If he can find the cousin, he may get some answers. And last but not least, Sauveli is now Sauvella. Realizing that he can now produce offspring and continue the matriarchal lineage, Sauveli decides to stay Sauvella until he chooses otherwise. And the story continues…..

The Black Petal

After fighting Acererak in the Tomb of Horrors, the group meets a messenger form the Blackbournes asking them to deal with a local threat. Children have been disappearing from the area around Skull City, and a necromancer has raised the ancient Blood Tower. The fearless friends enter the base of the tower and fight of ghouls and popcorn undead to reach the top of the tower. The y find three portals, one to the top floor of the tower, one to what smells like a tropical island, and one to the Shadowfell. What will they do? Where will they go?


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