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  • Butte

    Heraldry: Party per bend sinister, argent over sable. Gold horse rampant. Butte is a region in central Abyssinia bordered by the mountains to the west and surrounded by land. It is known for its great plains, herds of roaming wild horses, and the Pu …

  • continents

    * [[Abyssinia]]- your home turf- is Old England * [[Ansalon]]- Mystical * [[Boswell]]- Celtic * [[Eli Lira Ela]]- Middle Eastern * [[Isola degli Dei]]- Mediterranean * [[Isuzhet]]- Eastern European * [[Kinan]]- Malaysian * [[Kravkke]]- …

  • Temples

    * [[Raven Queen Temple]] * [[Monastery of Moradin]] * [[Temple of Bahamut]] * [[Shrine of Gaknulak]] * [[Temple of Pelor]] * [[Kords Den]] * [[Library of Ioun]]

  • Boswell

    Capital City: Byrnest p. Location of the famed Goranashk Military Acadamy.

  • Ansalon

    Capital City: Ganslow Ansalon is known as the Isle of Mages. There is a network of libraries devoted to the mystical arts - students from all over the world come there to study knowledge passed down through generations and to add their own to the mix.

  • Abyssinia

    Capital City: [[Fakenham Magna]] Regions and City-States p. [[Avion]] ** "Heraldry":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heraldry :Argent, a Bird rising volant Argent. ** Small duchy on the coast of Northern Abyssinia. p. [[Butte]] ** "Heraldry": …

  • The Islands of the Lost Souls

    Three islands with warm climates and sandy beaches. Best known as pirate territory and any decent merchant stays away from the waters surrounding these islands. p. Main cities: p. * Snug Corner on the Northern Island p. * Laissez Faire on …

  • Eli Lira Ela

    Capital City: Hal Aslumid Dry, desert terrain with few habitable encampments. The capital city mirage is located deep in the center of the interior desert of the continent. Hospitable and kind, the citizens of Eli Lira Ela welcome travelers and …

  • Isuzhet

    Capital City: Tilet p. This continent is not well known. The people of Isuzhet are reluctant to trade but do so out of necessity. They prefer to be self-sustaining and do there best to provide all they need for themselves. Still, one can not be …

  • Kinan

    Capital City: Yangsa Kegi p. Southern aspect of the Boswell continent, completely unique culture. Known for its swamps and wet terrain. Even though it is practicaly a neigbour to Abyssinia, the cultural differences keep travelers from entering the …

  • The Onen Empire

    The Onen Empire has survived for eons by the tenacity and wisdom of the Emperors. The culture stresses family and community and as such is very equitable and learned. Trade for the last 100 years has grown between Abyssinia and The Onen Empire. The two …

  • Fakenham Magna

    Capital City of greater Abyssinia. * Heraldry: Argent two bars Azure, Lion Or, Tail forward rampant guardant. * This territory was divided into both Fakenham Magna and Warwick in the reign of King Geoffry. King Geoffry’s son, King Rudolpho, had a …

  • shops

    * [[Magical Emporium]] ** Proprietor: [[:hazeem|Hazeem]] ** Selling: Spell components, spellbooks, rituals, and some rare magical items. * [[SKEETka taVAAR]] [[SKEETka taVAAR]]: pawn shop- literally, discount goods. Used to be Old Gammick's, owned …

  • Rainbow Falls

    Common swiming hole outside of [[Stony Cross | Stony Cross]] with a beautiful rainbow waterfall. A cave was recently found behind the falls. !http://im1.shutterfly.com/procgtaserv/47b8cf39b3127cce98548b3fd9b300000046100UZNXDdsxZU!

  • SKEETka taVAAR

    Pawn Shop owned by [[:Yuri]]. Here is a list of items currently in the shop "on discount". Prices and availability subject to change without notice and _with_ prejudice to buyer. (Buyer Beware). * -Longsword with green ribbon wrapped around hilt - …

  • Hazeem's Magical Emporium

    Proprietor: [[:hazeem|Hazeem]] "Welcome to my Magical Emporium! There is so much here to see and explore. Won't you come in and see what I have to offer? Right this way..." * Spell components ** Most of the herbs in the Magickal Herb Compendium …

  • Lariel on the Sea

    Eastern coastal region of Abyssinia. Plagued by demons of the depths, as they call them there. Soldiers of Lariel on the Sea commissioned [[:Hazeem]] from the [[:Magical Emporium]] to create armour fit for fighting in such a sea-bound location. Some …

  • Warwick

    * Heraldry: Party per pale Argent and Azure, Lion Or, Tail and Tongue rampant and membered Gules. * This territory was split from the capital Fakenham Magna and given to the second sun of the then ruling King Geoffry of the Third Age. Sir Warwick was …

  • Avion

    * Heraldry :Argent, a Bird rising volant Argent. * Small duchy on the coast of Northern Abyssinia.

  • Northrup

    * Heraldry: Or, a Bear rampant Marron. * Northern coastal region of Abyssinia. Northerners of a tough nature.

  • Ormand

    * Heraldry: Gules, three Stars Or on a pallet Argent. * Ormand considers itself the most refined of the northern regions of Abyssinia. They pride themselves in their highly developed culture, fashion, fine arts, architecture, and music. Other regions …

  • York

    * Heraldry: Azure, Mountain Goat Or on party per bend Sable. * Main trading region with the Onen Empire. Technically the mountain passes along the entire western coast of Abyssinia are within the region of York, but the nobles tend to ignore these …

  • Balcarres

    * Heraldry: Gules, party per cross Argent. * Highlanders of noble and honest means.

  • Faranon

    * Heraldry: Azure, Dragon with wings, tail and tongue Gules Rampant. * Dragonborn inhabit this land.

  • Dueroguard

    * Heraldry: Unknown * Dwarven city in the mountainous region of Abyssinia. Famous for the nearby [[Amethyst Hills of Orol]] and [[Crystal Caves]]. Deep within the spine of the continent, a large deposit of amethyst was long ago thrust through the …

  • Wyleden

    * Heraldry: Azure, Hare rampant Argent. * Wide expanse of meadowed land in Eastern Abyssinia. Rich in hare, which is made into the local cuisine specialty, Hare Stew.

  • Isle of Wight

    * Heraldry: Azure, Sea Horse winged, tail, tongue langued Gules rampant. * Not exactly an Isle, but the main city is the Isle of Wight. The city rules over the surrounding countryside, sometimes referred to as simply Wight

  • Cygnus

    * Heraldry: Party per pale Argent and Purpure, Sable Swan. * Duchy on the Eastern shore of Abyssinia.

  • Morgawr

    * Heraldry: Sable, Sea Dragon Dexter Vert, chased by Lion Sinistre Rampant Or. * Fable to be the home of the cryptid Morgawr for which the region is named. Legend is told that the people of Morgawr chased the beast away thousands of years ago, but …

  • Suffolk

    * Heraldry: Party per bend sinister Gules and Or, in chief a Boarshead with Tongue Argent. * Suffolk is known for its pig farms, which have been in existence for at least a thousand years. Wild boars roam the wilderness and are frequently brought in for …

  • Wyreth

    * Heraldry: Purpure, with a Tower Argent. * Region on southern tip of Abyssinia.

  • Honington

    * Heraldry: Party per pale Argent and Azure, with an equilateral Cross Gules.

  • Hoxston Harbour

    * Heraldry: Or, a Keg Barrel Marron. * Hoxston Harbour lies on the Sourthern shore of the Abyssinian continent and is a large exporter of Ale.

  • Ipswich

    * Heraldry: Party per bend sinister Argent, Azure and Vert.

  • Hadleigh

    * Heraldry: Party per pale Azure and Or, with a Greek Cross Sable. * Hadleigh is a rough area on the southern shore of Abyssinia. Bordered by the mountains of York on the West, the wild tends to shift closer to civilization every day.

  • Rosehaven Stables

    !http://im1.shutterfly.com/procgtaserv/47b8cf11b3127cce985481c18dff00000046100UZNXDdsxZU1! Hagan's Horse Nightmare Shimmering black, Nightmare materializes out of a deep purple haze as if he came straight from the Shadowfell to meet his Shadar-kai …

  • Temple of Pelor

    Temple of PelorThe temple is Stony Cross is shaped like the sun symbol, a circular building with columns around the outside. Pelor is the god of sun and summer, and the keeper of time. He supports those in need and opposes all that is evil. As the …