Capital City: Fakenham Magna

Regions and City-States


  • Heraldry :Argent, a Bird rising volant Argent.
  • Small duchy on the coast of Northern Abyssinia.


  • Heraldry :Party per bend sinister, Argent over Sable, Horse rampant Or.
  • Butte is a region in central Abyssinia bordered by the mountains to the west and surrounded by land. It is known for its great plains, herds of roaming wild horses, and the Pu Shu tribe. Butte families are known for horse breeding and racing. The low population expanse of land lends itself to frontier-minded travelers with a tendancy towards vigilantism.


  • Heraldry :Or, a Bear rampant Marron.
  • Northern coastal region of Abyssinia. Northerners of a tough nature.


  • Heraldry: Or, bend Argent.


  • Heraldry: Gules, three Stars Or on a pallet Argent.


  • Heraldry: Azure, Mountain Goat Or on party per bend Sable.
  • Main trading region with the Onen Empire. Technically the mountain passes along the entire western coast of Abyssinia are within the region of York, but the nobles tend to ignore these harsh lands and allow the denizens of its various outposts and fiefdoms to live independently and in peace. In times of war, York reserves the right to call on these inhabitants for military support, since it is in their interest as well to protect the western coastline of the continent.


  • Heraldry: Gules, party per cross Argent.
  • Highlanders of noble and honest means.


  • Heraldry: Party per pale Argent and Azure, Lion Or, Tail and Tongue rampant and membered Gules.
  • This territory was split from the capital Fakenham Magna and given to the second sun of the then ruling King Geoffry of the Third Age. Sir Warwick was a twin to his elder brother King Rudolpho. Both were good men and their families have ruled the two regions compatably for the past 400 years. The shield of the twin brother Sir Warwick is an alteration to that of the line of Kings of Fakenham Magna.

Fakenham Magna

  • Heraldry: Argent two bars Azure, Lion Or, Tail forward rampant guardant.
  • This territory was divided into both Fakenham Magna and Warwick in the reign of King Geoffry. King Geoffry’s son, King Rudolpho, had a twin younger brother brother Sir Warwick whose family has ruled Warwick for the past 400 years. The shield of the twin brother Sir Warwick is an alteration to that of the line of Kings of Fakenham Magna.


  • Heraldry: Vert, Wolf Argent, Tail passant.

Ixworth Thorpe

  • Heraldry: Sable, Eagle Gules Displayed.


  • Heraldry: Azure, Dragon with wings, tail and tongue Gules Rampant.
  • Dragonborn inhabit this land.


  • Heraldry: Unknown
  • Dwarven city in the mountainous region of Abyssinia. Famous for the nearby Amethyst Hills of Orol and Crystal Caves.


  • Heraldry: Azure, Hare rampant Argent.
  • Wide expanse of meadowed land in Eastern Abyssinia. Rich in hare, which is made into the local cuisine specialty, Hare Stew.

Isle of Wight

  • Heraldry: Azure, Sea Horse winged, tail, tongue langued Gules rampant.
  • Not exactly an Isle, but the main city is the Isle of Wight. The city rules over the surrounding countryside, sometimes referred to as simply Wight.


  • Heraldry: Party per pale Argent and Purpure, Sable Swan.
  • Duchy on the Eastern shore of Abyssinia.


  • Heraldry: Sable, Sea Dragon Dexter Vert, chased by Lion Sinistre Rampant Or.
  • Fable to be the home of the cryptid Morgawr for which the region is named. Legend is told that the people of Morgawr chased the beast away thousands of years ago, but that some day it will return.


  • Heraldry: Party per bend sinister Gules and Or, in chief a Boarshead with Tongue Argent.
  • Suffolk is known for its pig farms, which have been in existence for at least a thousand years. Wild boars roam the wilderness and are frequently brought in for animal husbandry, giving the pigs in Suffolk an undeniable wild and slighlty gamey taste.

Stony Cross

  • Heraldry: Gules, Crossed Swords Argent, with Sable detail and Ruby hilts Gules. Motto Tuero Pectoris. Surrounding by feathers Sable and Gules.

Bury St. Edmunds

  • Heraldry: Argent, in chief a Rose of five petals Gules with five leaves Vert.

Lariel on the Sea

  • Heraldry: Azure, in chief a full Circle Sable.
  • Elven community on the Eastern shore of Abyssinia.


  • Heraldry: Azure, Unicorn rampant Argent.


  • Heraldry: Purpure, with a Tower Argent.
  • Region on southern tip of Abyssinia.


  • Heraldry: Party per pale Argent and Azure, with an equilateral Cross Gules.

Hoxston Harbour

  • Heraldry: Or, a Keg Barrel Marron.
  • Hoxston Harbour lies on the Sourthern shore of the Abyssinian continent and is a large exporter of Ale.


  • Heraldry: Party per bend sinister Argent, Azure and Vert.


  • Heraldry: Party per pale Azure and Or, with a Greek Cross Sable.
  • Hadleigh is a rough area on the southern shore of Abyssinia. Bordered by the mountains of York on the West, the wild tends to shift closer to civilization every day.


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