Rosehaven Stables

Hagan’s Horse Nightmare

Shimmering black, Nightmare materializes out of a deep purple haze as if he came straight from the Shadowfell to meet his Shadar-kai master.

Gilwen’s Horse Roheryn -Ro he RYN (horse of the lady)

Roheryn apparates behind hedgerows, trees, boulders, and fences in an attempt to hide or stay low. She barely makes a sound as she picks her way through the woods.

Wraith’s Horse Shadowein -Sha do WEIN

A blue roan appaloosa with a tenuous hold on this reality. Shifts into the realm by shadow, camoflauged texture morphs to the habitat until he is completely in form. Shadowein prefers to walk subtly to the rear of the party, but when the time comes to run, only dust clouds remain.

Krifo’s Horse Kalumann -KA lu mann

Pinto, into good times and long walks on the beach. Likes dragons and midnight snacks. Great sense of humor. Usually apparates by stumbling onto the scene smelling vaguely of ale and carrots.

Sauveli’s Horse -HAS u fel (gray skin)

This proud destrier bursts into presence through a grey mist. His large size and powerful limbs support riders of, ahem, great stature.

Illyana’s Horse Thularka -Tu LAR ka

Dark almost black with red and white highlights in her mane. When first seen, she seems to be as any normal mount, but when she lifts her head, the red glow from her eyes becomes apparent.

Rosehaven Stables

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