Stony Cross

Stony Cross, on the eastern shore of the continent of Abyssinia, is an old stronghold from the last great war

Stony Cross was once simply a castle with a strategic ocean view, a strong defensive position, and a small community to support the soldiers living there. The past 100 years has been a time of prosperity and fast-paced growth, pushing what was once a small town past its boundaries to become a burgeoning city, a seaport of great renown and diversity. The streets hold markets, shops of all types bringing goods from all corners of the world. The shops along every street tempt the traveler, offering an array from baked goods and blacksmiths to jewelers and fabric merchants. Temples to various gods can easily be found, some with the help of a local and a few coins. If you can’t find what you are looking for in this town, you aren’t looking hard enough. Shops open for business in Stony Cross:

  • Magical Emporium
    • Proprietor: Hazeem
    • Selling: Spell components, spellbooks, rituals, and some rare magical items.
  • Walkabout
    • Proprietor: Walker
    • Selling maps and information about Abyssinian regions.
  • Hot Buns
    • Proprietor:
    • Sells: Baked goods, travel food supplies made for the road.
  • Rosehaven Stables
    • Proprietor: Stephanie Rose
    • Sells: Horses, breeding, horse tack, feed, and stabling of horses.
  • Smithy
    • Proprietor: John the Hammer
    • Sells: Blacksmith goods, forges aprticular items by commission.
  • Duncans Goods
    • Proprietor: Ilsadore Duncan
    • Sells: reputable store selling traveling supplies for traders and seaport merchants.

The Drake is the most congenial tavern in the town, hospitable to travelers and regulars alike.

Stony Cross is the epitome of an inclusive community. Some older families hold their distance a little, but believe fully in the maxim “Better the monster you know than the one you don’t.”

The citizens swear fealty to the Lord Blackbourne and Lady Blackbourne who reside in Blackbourne Castle on the hill.

Stony Cross

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