Hagan Grimmbrow

Cleric of the Raven Queen

1. Name, race, class, age, alignment, deity etc.

Hagan Grimmbrow, 20, Shadar-kai, Unaligned, The Raven Queen

2. Favored weapon or implement.

His new mace he acquired in the Tomb of Horrors.

3. Where did you go to study? (You may create a city or town on the continent of Abyssinia that does not yet exist on the map. Just ask me first and let me know where you want it to be.)

The Dwarven city of Dueroguard in the Amethyst Hills of Örol.

4. Who did you stay with? (Please create the name of the family and what they did or who they were.)

He stayed with the Anvilwar clan, learning metalworking, healing and meditation

5. List 3 of the people you met while there and how you know them

A. Bofar Gimhig, who taught him dwarven fighting tactics
B. Bethlic Mamalk, who showed him how to heal using herbs and salves instead of amputation
C. Oraim Bofest, with whom he explored the great crystal caves in the mountain

6. What is your “profession” for normal folk?

Hagan is an Undertaker in Stony Cross, catering to followers of the Raven Queen.

7. Describe your character in form, personality, and what makes you you.

Hagan has a reserved personality, choosing to remain silent rather than speak. It wastes his time. He carries on the Grimmbrow clan tradition of adorning the brow with obsidian spikes and winged tattoos above the eyes. He wears his hair long and is usually seen in his leather coat which he modified for protection. When he speaks, he has the habit of being stubborn and preachy on occasion. He never speaks of his family or his childhood. He once earned the nick name Isbjorg, meaning Frostbite, after he spent the night on a mountaintop, convinced that the Raven Queen would speak to him there. Hagan has physique typical for a Shadar-Kai; thin, yet powerful, and choosing to hide his form beneath loose clothing and his mail-coat. He is not motivated by treasure or glory in particular, but he jabs at his clan or his faith warrant immediate provocation.


His history begins in the Shadowfell, where he was born into the Grimmbrow clan. He learned the fighting skills and the customs of the Shadar-kai from his father Setesh and his older brothers Dusk and Sephern. Near his fourteenth birthday, word came of a war in another plane, and his clan would fight for their honor and for wealth. His dreams are often filled with the images of the night before they marched into the Bright Place. He remembers the looks of fear and gasps in the crowd as his clan marched into the city, their banners flying and the sun reflecting off their polished armor. The glorious day would later be tarnished by death and defeat. For all their training, skill and tenacity, his clan was outnumbered and outmaneuvered. They were crushed utterly by the opposing forces. Hagan watched from the camp as the medics brought back his brother’s bodies. His father returned, mortally wounded. On his deathbed, Setesh granted Hagan his spear and told him to find his own place in the Bright Place, since there was nothing to return to in the Shadowfell. Obeying his father, Hagan traveled to the only place he thought he might blend in; Stony Cross. He began as an apprentice to the undertaker and practiced his religion at the Chapel of the Raven queen. In time, he came to own the Undertaker’s shop and began to cater almost exclusively to followers of the Raven Queen. After gaining an apprentice of his own, a Halfling named Lotho Grubb, near his nineteenth birthday; he enrolled in the study abroad program, traveling to Örol to learn from the dwarven priests and healers. He returned slightly over a year later and continued operation of the shop with his apprentice. Despite his steady work, he finds himself seeking adventure and to prove to the world that the Grimmbrow clan still deserves their respect and fear.

Hagan Grimmbrow

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